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Basic Motorcycle Safety Tips

While motorcycles are a popular form of transportation, there’s no surprise that they pose a different risk than driving in a vehicle. Despite summer coming to an end, the fall is also the peak for motorcycle riding.

Before you hit the road for your next adventure, take these safety tips into consideration.


Make sure to get your motorcycle thoroughly inspected annually and before any major excursions. Ensure that your tire tread, breaks, headlights and any other safety mechanisms are properly functioning. In the case of an accident, this is likely one of the first questions a motorcycle accident attorney will ask.

Proper safety gear

It’s incredibly important to be properly equipped with the right safety gear. Even during the hotter months, wearing gloves, helmet, and proper padding can help save your life. Safety experts also recommend reflective clothing so no matter what time of the day you ride, you can be properly seen by other motorists.

Defensive driving

A Motorcycle accident attorney will recommend that you stay alert and aware of your surroundings during your drives. This includes keeping the proper distance between yourself and other vehicles, avoiding blind spots, and using your lights during both daylight and the evening. Keep an eye out for debris and potholes that could also trip you up.

Respect Driving Laws

Performing stunts and driving erratically should not be behavior exhibited on the main roads while riding your motorcycle. These tricks should be reserved for off-road courses and by trained professionals. Respecting the driving laws will prevent you and your passengers from being the cause of accidents.

If you or a loved one has been injured despite following these safety rules, contact a motorcycle accident attorney John Price Law Firm who can advise you on your rights and potential actions you can take as a result.