Dental Malpractice Attorneys

Were You Harmed During a Dental Procedure?

Dental Malpractice generally refers to an injury caused by a negligent dentist. Any kind of negligence or poor quality dentistry can be defined as dentist malpractice, which could result in a dental malpractice lawsuit.

Sadly, it can only take one act of negligence on the part of a South Carolina dentist to permanently harm a patient for life. Dental malpractice can occur if a dentist fails to diagnose or treat possible conditions such as oral cancer or other serious problems; delays diagnosis or treatment of oral disease or other precarious oral conditions or any intentional misconduct on the dental professional’s part.

Dental Malpractice Lawsuit Elements

As is with any medical malpractice case, there are steps and procedures that must be followed for a successful claim to be brought to the court. For a dental malpractice lawsuit to be successful, an injured patient and their attorney will usually establish the following:

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Once a complaint has been filed, documentation including dental records, records of previous or subsequent treatment, and evidence of the cost of treatment will be reviewed. In most cases, settlement is reached out of court. If this is not the case it will go to trial.

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