Unsafe Premises Lawyer In Charleston, SC

Injured in a Slip and Fall?

When a client comes to us after suffering injuries on private property, our team has two concerns – prompt investigation of the scene of the accident and careful preparation to achieve full compensation for the victim.

The South Carolina premises liability attorneys of the John Price Law Firm, LLC have extensive experience in handling slip-and-fall accidents and other injuries owing to negligent conditions. We have full-time offices in North Charleston, Summerville, and Myrtle Beach. We represent clients throughout the South Carolina coast and Lowcountry.

Injuries on Unsafe Premises

Our experienced SC trial lawyers have represented many innocent victims in all types of premises liability accidents:

Slip and fall injuries due to slippery floors, holes or pavement defects, areas under construction, or inadequate safety precautions in dangerous areas.

Assaults, robberies or sexual assaults in areas with inadequate security and/or poor lighting

Serious injuries occur from slip and fall accidents. We commonly see fractures of the radius or ulna (forearms) or fractured wrists when the victim tried to break their fall. Fractured knee caps, a back injury, or ankle injury are also common, as are other breaks.

There are many circumstances where dangerous conditions and possible injury can occur. Property owners are expected to protect people working on or visiting their property.

Hotels and Motels- An owner or manager of a hotel/motel is liable if a person is injured because of poorly lit walkways, stairwells or parking lots, water temperatures that could cause burns, slippery surfaces, unsafe stairways or neglect of needed repairs and maintenance.

Apartment/Home Rentals- A landlord is liable under law for any injury caused to a tenant because of failure to properly maintain a rental property. Common causes of rental property injury cases include improperly maintained driveways, sidewalks and porches, broken steps, fires caused by bad wiring jobs, and injuries caused by properties lacking appropriate safety features.

Grocery Stores, Shopping Malls and Other Retail Establishments- Businesses are responsible for any injuries caused by negligence in the maintenance of the property, including proper product storage and display, floor conditions and parking lot maintenance. Common injuries that can occur include: slip and falls due to products left or spilled in aisles, head injuries due to falling objects, and robberies or assaults due to poor lighting in parking areas.

Restaurants and Bars- Restaurant owners and managers are responsible for keeping establishments free from spills and other possible hazards.

Residential Properties- Many homeowners are insured if an injury happens on their property. If the homeowner does not maintain insurance, they may be liable if it is determined a person is injured due to the homeowner’s negligence. One example can be a pool that is not properly fenced and gated.

Construction/work sites- If an owner, manager or contractor is negligent in providing a safe workplace, an injury to an employee or subcontractor can happen easily. It is common for workers to suffer injuries on construction sites from falls, electrocution, or equipment failure.