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Worker Injury

In 2020 the bureau of labor and statistics reported 2.7 million non-fatal workplace injuries and illnesses. Nurses, physical laborers, truck drivers, maintenance and repair workers, stockers and retail sales persons were among the highest rates of incidences. There are various types of worker injuries that can be sustained in the workplace. While the most common are slip and falls or being struck by an object, some are more subtle. There are repetitive stress injuries which can occur by doing the same action day after day. An orthopedic injury may also occur and that could be something along the lines of a herniated disc. Employees who lift objects or go up and down ladders are susceptible to this type of injury. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome among office workers is also a legitimate cause to receive workers’ compensation.

What To Do If You Have Experienced A Workplace Injury

  1. If you have experienced a workplace injury seek medical attention immediately.
  2. It is important for a worker to report any workplace injury quickly to their employer. If you wait to report an injury to your employer you may be risking your chances for a successful insurance claim.
  3. Your employer will want to document all information pertaining to your injury and then file a claim with their insurance provider. They will want to write down any details pertaining to the accident and speak to all witnesses who were present at the time of the accident.
  4. Lastly, your employer will send their insurance company the claim information and their insurance company will approve or deny the claim.

Common Mistakes Made After A Workplace Accident

One common mistake people make after an accident at work is to not report it to their employer right away. If you wait too long to report an injury, your credibility may be called into question. Some people are afraid if they report a job injury they will be fired or that the injury or illness they are experiencing will get better. The problem with this is that their condition may worsen, which is why it is important to report any incident immediately.

Another common mistake made after a work injury is not reporting all of your injuries. It is important to disclose every part of your body that is damaged during a workplace accident. It is also important to report any symptoms experienced soon after the injury.

Lastly, it is important after a workplace injury, to receive the proper treatment from your doctor. Even if you believe you are able to rest off your injury at home, you should take the time to make an appointment to go over your injuries with a doctor.

Personal Injury Claims From On-The-Job Injury Accidents

The worker injury lawyer services at John Price Law Firm, LLC also represent clients in any third-party product liability or negligence claims arising out of a work-related injury. For instance, we may help a drill press operator sue the machine’s manufacturer when his arm is injured for lack of a safety device, or we may handle the third-party liability claim of a delivery driver rear-ended by a drunk driver.

If you have a third-party liability case, you may be entitled to personal injury compensation in addition to your regular workers’ compensation benefits. This could potentially provide a significantly greater amount of money for you.

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