Were You Injured By A Doctor, Nurse, Dentist Or Other Practitioner?

Medical negligence can lead to great harm to the patient. The hospital, nursing home or other healthcare provider has a duty to provide an appropriate level of care, especially to those unable to care for themselves.

The South Carolina medical malpractice attorneys of John Price Law Firm, LLC are prepared to hold health care providers responsible when you or a family member is injured. Examples of medical negligence may include:

Surgical or emergency room errors
Inadequate monitoring of hospital patients
Misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis on the part of a physician
Injuries suffered because of neglect, such as bedsores or untreated hospital infections
Nursing home residents injured in preventable falls
Prescription errors involving the wrong medication or wrong dosage
Injuries suffered because a staff member is intoxicated on duty
Physical and sexual abuse of a patient
Birth injuries resulting in harm to the infant or the mother

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We represent the victims of malpractice on the part of physicians, podiatrists, chiropractors, nurses, surgeons, dentists, radiologists and all other medical practitioners.

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Attorney John Price has practiced law since 1985, and his North Charleston firm offers compassionate yet vigorous representation in all types of personal injury claims. If you believe a loved one's injury or death was caused by a breach of medical standards, negligent care or abuse by staff members, contact the lawyers of John Price Law Firm, LLC.

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