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We understand that a workplace injury causes many concerns. No paycheck may be coming in, but expenses are accumulating. You don’t know when you can return to your job, or if you can do the same work again. And all the while you are hurting and worrying.

At John Price Law Firm, LLC, we want to help. Our attorneys work hard to get our clients the benefits they deserve, even when the insurance company has turned them down one or more times. We represent all types of injured workers, including construction workers, state employees, hospital employees, office professionals and others.

The Worker’s Compensation Claim Process

  1. If a worker has a work related injury it is important for them to quickly report it to their employer. Waiting to report your injury to your employer and hurt your chances for a successful insurance claim.
  2. Your employer will document the injury and file a claim with their insurance provider. Your employer will want to take down all of the details from the incident and speak to any witnesses to the incident.
  3. Your employer will send the claim to the insurance company and your employer‘s insurance company will either approve or deny the claim.

Many times the claim amount offered through an employer’s insurance company may not be substantial to cover all of your costs. This is why it is so important to have an experienced lawyer like the ones at John Price Law Firm working for you to negotiate a settlement that considers all of your future expenses.

In the settlement process the insurance company will provide an initial offer of payment. This payment may cover current loss of income and medical bills, but may not cover future treatments, future lost wages or unpaid benefits. You may also be entitled to disability if the injury incurred leaves you permanently impaired. Your attorney will help you calculate a reasonable payout and they will negotiate this pay out with the insurance company.

There are two types of work injury settlements, a lump sum settlement or a structured payment plan. With a lump sum payment you will receive a one time payment that covers all of your medical costs and other reimbursement under the claim. With a structured payment plan you will receive regularly scheduled payments over a specified time. Included with this may be a separate account for future medical related bills.

Compensation For Work-Related Injuries

Our experienced workers compensation attorneys have experience with many types of on-the-job injuries, including chemical burns, neck and back injuries, carpal tunnel, loss of limb, forklift injuries and scaffolding or ladder falls. No matter what type of injury you experience, either at a construction site or in an office, we will work to make sure that you receive all entitled benefits.

Your employer’s insurance should cover your medical expenses and any temporary or permanent disability having to do with your accident or injury. Included in this may also be locational training to learn a different trade.

If you have been denied benefits or suffered any repercussions at work for filing a “workman’s comp” claim, turn to us today. We have locations in North Charleston, Mt. Pleasant, Summerville, Myrtle Beach.

If you or a loved one has suffered a personal injury at the hands of a negligent party, do not hesitate to contact our experienced South Carolina personal injury attorneys.

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Attorneys Representing Injured Workers Since 1988

When you are injured on the job, you have a right to file a workers’ compensation claim for medical expenses and lost wages, as well as damages for any permanent impairment. At John Price Law Firm, LLC, we are here to help you obtain the money and benefits you need.

Experienced In All Types Of Workers Compensation Cases

Our Charleston lawyers handle a full array of on-the-job injury cases for many different types of employees. These cases may involve:

  • Injuries from falls off ladders, scaffolding and other heights
  • Back injuries and surgeries related to lifting, bending, turning or pushing
  • Shoulder injuries and surgeries related to rotator cuff damage and more
  • Head injuries, including traumatic brain injuries and concussions
  • Spinal cord injuries, including paraplegia and quadriplegia
  • Knee injuries such as meniscus tears or ACL injuries
  • Repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome or thoracic outlet syndrome
  • Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) or reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD)
  • Heart attacks resulting from unusual exertion or stress
  • Occupational diseases such as hepatitis C or HIV from needle sticks, MRSA and other infections in hospitals
  • Chemical exposure, including exposure to asbestos, toxins and more
  • Amputations, including limbs or digits lost during the accident or those that require surgical amputation later on
  • Severe burns caused by scalding liquids, chemicals, explosions, fires and more

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Count on the South Carolina workers’ compensation lawyers of John Price Law Firm, LLC to handle your claim in a professional and compassionate way. Our firm offers free consultations, plus evening and weekend appointments by request. Call us at (843) 632-5672, or send us an email.

Because we work on a contingency fee basis in all worker’s compensation cases, you owe us no lawyers’ fees unless we recover money for you. (Contingency fees are calculated before deducting expenses).

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