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When you undergo surgery or take a loved one to the emergency room, you deserve to have your or your family member’s medical needs addressed in a knowledgeable manner. In most cases, surgeons and ER staff do exactly that. In rare cases, however, they may act negligently and cause additional injury. If the negligence or carelessness of a South Carolina surgeon or emergency room employee resulted in harm to you or a loved one, you have rights. John Price Law Firm, LLC is here to uphold those rights. Our Charleston emergency room attorney services can help you pursue maximum compensation for your injuries.

Examples Of Emergency Room Errors And Surgical Mistakes

ER and surgery errors come in a wide variety. Here are just a few examples:

Emergency Room Cases

Going to the emergency room usually means there’s something very wrong. Often, the patient is unsure what is going on. Because the atmosphere in an ER is very fast-paced, room for error is small. A simple mistake can easily leave a patient suffering irreparable harm or death. There are a few reasons most emergency room mistakes happen.

Failure To Diagnose

Many of the mistakes that happened in emergency rooms result from emergency room personnel not running the right tests. Because quick assessment and treatment is so crucial in these moments, lack of the proper testing can result in serious consequences. For instance, if a patient is having a heart attack and the right tests are not ordered, they could die or have irreparable damage that could have been avoided.

Lost In The Commotion

Overcrowded ERs are another common source of emergency room errors. If a patient coming into the ER is not appropriately triaged, their injuries or condition may worsen while waiting to receive attention. In other instances, a doctor may not review tests that have been completed until it is too late.

Surgical Errors

A large number of hospital malpractice claims are because of surgical mistakes. Oftentimes, mistakes are due to a preventable error.

Wrong-Site Surgery Or Incorrect Operation

Surgery on the wrong part of a patient’s body is more common than you would think. It not only leaves a patient more damaged then when they went into surgery, but also forces them to endure a second surgery. Similar to this, is incorrect operation, in which a surgery that is not necessary is performed or one is not performed correctly.

Injury During Surgery

When a surgeon is reckless, they may cause harm that is irreversible. Some examples of this are: damaging internal organs, tearing muscle or nerve fibers, mismanaging anesthesia, disregarding vital signs, or leaving surgical tools and materials inside the body.

Botched Plastic Surgery

Botched plastic surgeries can be especially common due to a greater number of unqualified or under qualified surgeons. Botched plastic surgery can result in disfigurement, infections, excessive scarring, blood clots or even nerve damage.

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