Misdiagnosis Lawyers In South Carolina

Timely Identification And Treatment Is Critical

A serious health condition often requires prompt medical action. When a doctor, radiologist or other health care professional fails to diagnose a patient’s condition in a timely manner, the results can be tragic. Patients may suffer unnecessary pain, stress and financial loss from a misdiagnosis. In the worst cases, misdiagnosis can result in wrongful death.

Plaintiffs pursuing a lawsuit over misdiagnosis often need to follow the steps of proof needed for any other type of medical malpractice case. Usually what needs to be shown is a failing to properly diagnose a health condition, as in the physician failed to show the level of care that a similarly trained physician would have in the same circumstances. It also must be shown that the physician’s substandard care caused harm to the patient.

Who Can Be Sued In A Misdiagnosis Case?

Usually only the doctor making the misdiagnosis can be sued. In some instances, other medical professionals may be liable if it is the case that their negligence also contributed to the patient’s harm. Failing to make the right diagnosis is usually not enough in a misdiagnosis case. For this type of medical malpractice case to be successful, it must also be shown that there was significant harm to the patient. Misdiagnosis can cause harm in several ways including:

Misdiagnosis Can Also Involve:

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Handling Misdiagnosis Of Cancer, Heart Conditions And More

At John Price Law Firm, LLC, our misdiagnosis attorneys have the determination to take on the largest and most intimidating opponents on behalf of our clients’ rights and interests. Whether you were injured by a doctor’s delayed diagnosis at a local clinic or by failure to diagnose your condition at the most prominent hospital in the state, our misdiagnosis attorney services are here to help.

We handle medical negligence cases arising from misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose: