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If you drive on I-26 or Highway 17A through the Summerville area, you likely encounter large semi-trucks along the way. These trucks are necessary to keep the shelves stocked at Publix or conveniently deliver packages right to your doorstep, though they pose the risk of serious or even deadly accidents.

Truck accident claims are highly technical and complicated, so you want the right legal assistance as soon as possible following your injuries. Always get medical treatment, and then don’t wait to seek help from the John Price Law Firm, LLC. We have extensive experience successfully representing truck accident victims in Summerville.

Why Do Truck Accidents Happen in Summerville, SC?

Truck accidents can occur for several reasons, some of which are unique to the commercial trucking industry. Some common causes of these dangerous crashes include:

Parties that might share liability for your accident include individual truck drivers, trucking companies, third-party loading crews or repair shops, and more. Our truck accident attorneys can get to the bottom of what caused your truck crash and who should be responsible.

Why You Need an Experienced Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck accident claims can be more challenging than regular car accident claims for different reasons. Some complicating factors following a truck crash are:

You want to hire a law firm that has successfully handled many truck accident cases in the past. Speak with our attorneys today about how we can help.

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The John Price Law Firm, LLC, has the experience and resources to handle complex commercial truck accident claims. Never wait to begin the legal process - as soon as your physical condition is stable enough, please contact us at our Summerville location so we can begin protecting your rights. Consultations and case evaluations are always free.