Free Parking!

Who doesn’t love free parking? Load up the kids and #pups! News 2 CHARLESTON, S.C – The City of Charleston, along with Charleston county are once again offering two hour parking vouchers for select garages during the upcoming Holiday Season. They’re calling it “Holiday Magic in Historic Charleston” and it lasts from now until January…


Fast Food Freebies

Who likes FREEBIES? Today is #NationalFastFood day! Check out these #Freebies! https://bgr.com/2018/11/16/national-fast-food-day-2018-best-deals-freebies/


Driving in the Rain in the Lowcountry

Summer in the Lowcountry means beach days and cookouts, but also heavy rain showers. If you’ve ever been trapped on I-26 during a rainstorm in Charleston, then you know that driving in the rain can be dangerous. The Holy City is known for its rich history, but also floods. Here are four tips on how…


Back to School Safety

With school just around the corner, you want to make sure your child is ready to tackle the new year ahead. Science projects and standardized tests are guaranteed this school year, but your child should also study up on back to school safety tips. To avoid injury, read over these five ways to ensure your…


Summer Fun Gone South

  With the kids out of school, they have nothing but time on their hands. It’s easy to send the little ones outside to play, and not think twice about it, but summer has its safety hazards. Prior to letting your kids loose, read over these four incidents and how to handle them; should any…