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When a sudden death occurs in the family, survivors experience the entire range of emotions. If the life was lost due to the negligence or intentional acts of others, the grief is compounded by knowing the loss of life didn't have to happen.

The John Price Law Firm, LLC, represents clients in coastal South Carolina who have made the tough decision to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Our attorneys understand that you don't want to cheapen the person's life by putting a dollar value on a claim. But the truth is, there is a tangible loss in terms of replacing the person's income and replacing the companionship and family contributions that person provided.

Contact Us When Your Family Is Ready

When your family is ready after grieving the loved one you lost, the John Price Law Firm, LLC can help explore a claim for wrongful death compensation. We offer a free evaluation to determine the merits of the claim and advise the surviving family on how to proceed. There may be liability or there may not be a viable case. If there is a case, we want to be sure the family is committed to pursuing justice.

Convenient Locations

The John Price Law Firm, LLC has three main offices, in North Charleston, Mt. Pleasant, and Summerville. We also have satellite locations in Holly Hill and Myrtle Beach. Our lawyers can meet with family members at any of these locations, including evenings and weekends by appointment.

Experienced in Wrongful Death Compensation

John Price and his associate attorneys offer nearly 50 years of combined experience in personal injury litigation. Wrongful death claims arise from all types of personal injury:

Auto accidents
Auto-pedestrian accidents
Medical negligence deaths
Trucking accidents
Work-related fatalities
School bus accidents

Contact our South Carolina wrongful death attorneys to arrange your free consultation. We want to help. Let us help.

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