Injured in a Slip and Fall?

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When a client comes to us after suffering injuries on private property, our team has two concerns – prompt investigation of the scene of the accident and careful preparation to achieve full compensation for the victim.

The South Carolina premises liability attorneys of the John Price Law Firm, LLC have extensive experience in handling slip-and-fall accidents and other injuries owing to negligent conditions. We have full-time offices in North Charleston, Mt. Pleasant, and Summerville, and satellite offices in Holly Hill and Myrtle Beach. We represent clients throughout the South Carolina coast and Lowcountry.

Injuries on Unsafe Premises

Our experienced SC trial lawyers have represented many innocent victims in all types of premises liability accidents:

Slip and fall injuries due to slippery floors, holes or pavement defects, areas under construction, or inadequate safety precautions in dangerous areas.
Assaults, robberies or sexual assaults in areas with inadequate security and/or poor lighting

Serious injuries occur from slip and fall accidents. We commonly see fractures of the radius or ulna (forearms) or fractured wrists when the victim tried to break their fall. Fractured knee caps, a back injury, or ankle injury are also common, and the danger of a broken hip is always a concern for our senior citizens. Any of these injuries can be slow to heal and may cause permanent impairment. Taking a "quick check" from the insurance company will usually not cover problems that arise later.

Securing Compensation

Contact an attorney as soon as possible after an injury on unsafe premises. If the John Price Law Firm, LLC is notified promptly, we may have a chance to document the dangerous conditions before the owners attempt to cover up or correct the situation. In a fall, we must first show a defective condition. In a claim of poor security, we must show that the owner had notice of the problem (prior problems reported, for example) and the financial means to address it.

Once we document the evidence and evaluate injuries and damages, we negotiate with the insurance company or file a premises liability lawsuit to recover the full damages you deserve. Contact our South Carolina premises liability attorneys today. The John Price Law Firm, LLC can meet you at any of our five locations for a free consultation, including visits to your home or hospital if you can't travel. We want to help. Let us help.

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