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Workers Compensation – What Rights Do You Have?

What Rights Do You Have As An Injured Worker?

As a worker in South Carolina, you have rights if you are injured on the job. Whether a small slip occurred, or something more serious that resulted in more serious issues, employees should be aware of their legal rights and should contact a workers’ compensation lawyer if there are any questions.

One of the main benefits in South Carolina is the right to medical benefits. This gives you the right to payment for all your medical related bills. This includes things like surgeries, medical devices, prescriptions, physical therapy and other expenses related to your work-related injury. If you require treatment from your injury, ensure you save all receipts and proof of treatment. Your workers’ compensation lawyer will require this if any legal action is required.

You also have a right to lost wage benefits if you are unable to work for a period of time. This takes into account your compensation for lost income and is calculated as a percentage of your typical wage. This also depends on the seriousness of your injury.

If an employer denies your claim, or if your company’s insurance provider acts in bad faith, you have a right by working in the state of South Carolina to request a hearing. If this occurs, it’s crucial to contact a workers’ compensation lawyer who can assist you and act as your representatives.

An employer is also not allowed to retaliate because of your injury. This includes reducing pay, demotion, or terminating injured workers. Even hostile behavior is considered inappropriate.

South Carolina is very explicit in these laws and you might have a case if you feel like you’ve been denied these basic rights. If you or a loved one have been injured while on the job, contact the law offices of John Price for a consultation on how we can help.