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Holiday Workplace Safety

There is much to look forward to during the holiday season. Holiday music sparks feelings of nostalgia, decorations and lights conjure up favorite childhood memories and the spirit of generosity runs deep. With all the merriment, it’s important to remember the holiday season also comes with additional stressors for many employees. For those industries who have their busiest times during these months, there is the usual rushing and pressure to perform. Layer on the heaviness of staying safe during COVID-19 and compromised sleep schedules from elevated stress and/or anxiety, and you have cause for concern. As workers’ compensation attorneys in Charleston, keep reading for our thoughts on holiday workplace safety.

The Facts About Workplace Injuries The National Safety Council (NSC) reports “ every 7 seconds, a worker is injured on the job.” That amounts to nearly 13,000 American workers sustaining injuries each day.

The most common types of workplace injuries:

The top three workplace injury events linked to lost work days:

Employer Responsibility

A sobering reminder: these injuries are preventable. It’s your employer’s responsibility to maintain a safe working environment. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) states that “employers should take appropriate actions to protect workers fulfilling customer orders, delivering packages, and managing crowds of shoppers.”

Holiday Hazards

OSHA reports that workplace hazards go up in the wholesale, transportation and retail industries because of the “increase in merchandise sales during the holiday shopping season.” Other safety concerns highlighted by SafeStart: ladder safety, electrical safety, food safety, winter hazards and more.

**Decorating Safely
**For those decorating their workplace to bring in the holiday spirit, Family Safety & Health reminds readers to avoid standing on chairs to hang decorations. They also warn against hanging decorations from fire sprinklers (keep a distance of at least 18” below sprinklers). Extra care should be taken with electrical items and extension cords, as they present additional dangers.

We’re Here to Help

Your employer’s insurance should cover temporary disability, medical expenses, and any temporary or permanent disability relating to the accident or injury. This may include vocational rehabilitation training to learn another trade. Are you searching for workers’ compensation attorneys in Charleston? Contact our personal injury firm if you or a loved one has been the victim of a workplace injury in South Carolina. We offer a free consultation and 24-hour answering service. We have five convenient locations, with three South Carolina locations being fully staffed with full-time attorneys and experienced support staff, or we can meet you at your home or hospital, with evening and weekend appointments available. Call John Price Law Firm, LLC at (843) 552-6011.

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