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Determining If You Have An Accident Case

If you are involved in a car accident, many things will run through your mind in the moments after the crash. Your primary concern, of course, is health – your own and the others who have been involved in the accident. Only later will you start to think about financial matters, and at that point, you may decide to contact a car accident attorney for assistance.

Not Every Case Requires an Attorney

For many car accidents, the use of an attorney simply will not be necessary. For instance, in the case of a simple rear-end collision at a low speed where no one is injured, working with a car accident attorney would not be required. The insurance companies can sort out the details of the small-dollar amounts at play, and everyone can move on.

Higher Stakes

It is when major injuries come into play that a car accident attorney may be a good choice. If you have been injured in an accident and would like to pursue damages that have resulted from your injuries, working with an experienced lawyer is the right move. This type of case is simply too important to take on without the help of representation. You may rack up sizeable medical bills as a result of your accident, and you might have to miss work for a significant period of time. The person responsible for your injuries should be held accountable, so team up with a law firm that is going to work with your best interests at heart.

Explore Your Options

One common mistake seen time and time again is when victims of car accident injuries decide on their own that they don’t have a case, or that the case isn’t worth pursuing. It’s yet to be determined what your case might look like, but don’t just assume that it’s not worth the time or effort. Request a free consultation to discuss the possibilities and make a determination from that point.

Let’s Get Started

At John Price Law Firm, we fight hard for every single client. No matter what the case may be, and no matter how much is at stake, you are sure to get our best effort. For a free consultation, please contact us at your convenience. We are excited to serve you!

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