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What to Know about Hit and Run Accidents

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During the month of January, we often see more hit and run accidents and drunk driving incidents. A study by the American Automobile Association found hit-and-run accidents account for around 11 percent of car crashes. Drivers with alcohol and drugs in their system, an outstanding warrant for their arrest, a lack of insurance, or an expired license are more likely to flee the scene after causing an accident. However, a hit and run becomes a felony when there are serious injuries involved. Lives may be saved if the accident is reported immediately, but leaving victims to suffer is entirely reprehensible. Almost 1500 people die annually in the United States as a result of hit-and-run accidents.

John Price represented a man who was run over in a parking lot by someone who fled the scene. After experiencing delayed symptoms, he checked himself into the hospital and reported the crime to the police. It is advisable to see a doctor if you begin experiencing symptoms or there is reason to believe you may feel pain later.

Since there was contact between John Price’s client and the vehicle, the case was easier to prosecute. If a pedestrian were to jump out of the way of an approaching car and injure himself or herself, witnesses are needed for verification since there was no contact between the victim and the vehicle.

If property has been damaged after a vehicular collision, South Carolina law mandates that the driver notify the property’s owner. If a person is the victim of an accident, the driver must stop, render aid, and wait for the police to arrive. The driver is permitted to leave only to alert law enforcement. Individuals charged with a hit and run could face ten years in prison, depending on the severity of the victim’s injuries. If the accident resulted in the victim’s death, even minor drivers could face 25 years in prison and heavy fines. Additional penalties may be given if the guilty party was under the influence or engaging in other illegal behavior.

The John Price Law represents victims of hit and run with legal experience and compassion. If you or a loved one has been injured by a hit and run or other motor vehicle collision, contact our team at (843) 552-6011 for the justice you deserve.

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