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Christmas Day Supervision

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The days leading up to Christmas can be somewhat taxing, with shopping, present wrapping, and meal preparation; it can leave parents exhausted! Not to mention the late night prep for Santa Claus the night before and the early rise on Christmas Day. It’s no wonder that parents need nap time after the gifts have been opened.

Unfortunately for parents their job isn’t finished. Especially in cases when the toys received on Christmas morning could potentially cause accidents around the home. Any toys that could cause potential danger to the children or their surroundings should be supervised during playtimes. It is also the parents responsibility to teach their children about safety and give them any necessary safety equipment or lessons that need to go along with their new toys. If you purchased a bike for Christmas, paring this gift with the necessary safety gear, such as a helmet and knee and elbow pads are recommended.

With any gift, there comes a responsibility to teach children how to properly use their new toy. If it is a bike, take the time to teach them to obey stop signs on the street and to stop and look both ways before crossing. Children will be so excited to ride their new bike, they may throw caution to the wind and try to take off on their own. It’s important to have them stop and look out for any traffic that could be present in your neighborhood.

If you are traveling, be extra cautious on Christmas day and watch for children playing in neighborhoods with their new toys. _We want to wish everyone a safe and happy accident-free holiday! _