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Ways You Can Hurt Your Own Auto Accident Claim

There is certain protocol to follow when filing an auto accident claim and that starts immediately after the accident. It is also important to know there are ways you can sabotage your very own claim. Here is a look at some things to avoid when it comes to your auto accident lawsuit.


It is not uncommon for someone to say I’m sorry following an accident, and that applies to instances when someone else was at fault. Refrain from apologizing in any way. The problem with saying you’re sorry could appear as though you are admitting fault. An insurance company could take that simple statement and build a case around the fact that you admitted guilt.

Delayed Medical Care

If you sustain any type of injury in an auto accident, it is imperative to seek out medical treatment. Delaying treatment opens up the possibility of an insurance company claiming that your personal injury may have occurred elsewhere. In order to win a personal injury claim, you have to compile medical records. And showing delayed medical records leads a lot of room for reasonable doubt.

Giving a Recorded a Statement

Have you ever heard the statement, anything you say can be used against you? This also applies to auto accident lawsuits. Insurance companies will often try to get you to make a recorded statement. Don’t do it. There is a method to how questions are formed and asked. The purpose is not to gather more facts, but to trick you into saying something that will hurt your claim. If an insurance company or adjuster calls you with questions, hang up and contact your attorney.

There are so many intricate details that come with an auto accident claim that many people botch them when trying to navigate their way alone. An experienced auto accident attorney in South Carolina has been through many personal injury cases and knows precisely what to do in these situations. Waiting too long to hire an attorney could cost you.

Posting on Social Media

Anything you post on social media can and will be used against you. Stop posting pictures, tagging yourself at different locations and think before your post. A claims adjuster could be lurking online and use your social media posts to discredit your claim. It is also recommended that your privacy settings be activated in order to minimize any new activity with strangers.