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Benefits of Hiring An Accident Attorney

Many individuals might not understand the benefits of hiring an attorney that is specifically trained in truck accidents. Truck accidents often involve serious injuries and more damage than a typical car accident and therefore require a more specialized type of attorney to argue on your behalf.

One of the main benefits of a truck accident attorney is helping determining liability in the accident. Liability in truck collisions can be much more complicated than a typical accident, and sometimes even police have a hard time assigning fault. A truck accident attorney can assist and argue on your behalf. This involves communicating with the truck drivers, trucking company and the manufacturer of the goods the truck was carrying.

Additionally, a truck accident attorney can help negotiate between the various parties involved. Since generally trucking accidents involve more parties than a typical car accident, hiring a skilled truck accident attorney can benefit you in the suit.

With multiple parties involved come multiple defendants in a lawsuit. However, now there is also the truck’s insurance company at play too. A qualified truck accident attorney is going to help identify all possible parties to ensure you are getting the most compensation for your damages.

Finally, one of the most important parts of hiring an attorney well-versed in truck accidents is because they are familiar with trucking rules and regulations specific to that industry. For example, certain materials must be properly packaged and transported. Additionally, there are rules and regulations around how many hours a week a driver can be behind the wheel. All these factors play into the cause and fault of the accident.

If you or a loved one was recently injured in a trucking accident, contact the law offices of John Price to get a confidential evaluation of your rights.