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The Importance of an Accident Report

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Getting in a wreck can be an overwhelming experience, and it’s important to remain calm after an accident. After a wreck, you should always stay at the scene and speak with the other driver or drivers involved. Exchange insurance information, and call 911 if someone is hurt or there are significant damages.

One important aspect of an accident is the accident report. An officer at the scene will speak with the drivers and any witnesses to get the basic facts and information together to determine the cause of the accident. The final report includes an illustration recreating the accident along with a narrative description.

Lawyers and insurance companies use the accident report to get information about the case and figure out the best course of action for their clients. Your attorney will look at the accident report and compare it with your side of the story.

Accident reports do not have the final word nor are they immensible evidence in court. If an accident report claims you caused an accident, but you believe otherwise, your lawyer can challenge the accident report using alternative evidence.

However, that goes both ways. When pursuing a case, either side can sway or overturn what the accident report says based on witness testimonies and other evidence. Sometimes an accident report won’t have all of the information, or perhaps a key witness was overlooked at the scene.

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