Summerville Workers' Compensation Lawyers

At John Price Law Firm, LLC, we understand the turmoil and stress that a workplace injury can cause. When you’re facing a situation where there’s no paycheck coming in, but expenses continue to mount, the pressure can be overwhelming. Add to this the uncertainty of when or if you can return to your job and the physical pain of your injuries; it’s a situation that demands compassionate and effective legal assistance.

How We Help with Workers’ Compensation Claims

Our attorneys are dedicated to helping you with the workers’ compensation claim process in South Carolina. If you’ve suffered a work-related injury, report it to your employer promptly. Delaying this report can jeopardize your chances for a successful insurance claim. Your employer will document the injury and initiate a claim with their insurance provider. However, the compensation offered by the insurance company may not adequately cover all your expenses and future needs. This is where our experience becomes valuable.

Maximizing Your Settlement

Our team at John Price Law Firm, LLC will work to ensure your settlement considers all aspects of your injury. This includes current and future medical treatments, lost wages, and potential disability benefits. We’ll help you understand the differences between lump sum settlements and structured payment plans and negotiate with the insurance company to secure a fair and comprehensive compensation package for you.

Our attorneys have dealt with a wide range of on-the-job injuries.

We have represented clients who have suffered from chemical burns, a type of injury that can occur in industrial settings. These injuries often require specialized medical treatment and can have long-term effects on your health. Our attorneys are skilled in ensuring that your compensation covers all necessary medical treatments, including ongoing care for the aftermath of such burns.

Neck and back injuries are frequent in many work environments, from offices to construction sites. These injuries can range from strains and sprains to more severe spinal cord damage. We understand the complexity of these cases and the long-term impact they can have on your life. Our approach includes a thorough evaluation of your medical needs, including surgeries, physical therapy, and any other treatments that will aid in your recovery.

In more severe cases, such as limb loss and traumatic brain injuries, the stakes are even higher. These life-altering injuries not only affect your ability to work but also significantly impact your day-to-day life. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your settlement reflects the severity of these injuries. This involves securing compensation for all medical and rehabilitation costs, adapting your living environment to your needs, and providing for future medical care and assistance.

We also recognize that certain injuries may prevent you from returning to your previous job or pursuing your current career path. In these situations, vocational training becomes necessary. We advocate for compensation that includes vocational rehabilitation, helping you to acquire new skills and training for a different career that suits your post-injury capabilities.

Our Legacy of Representing Injured Workers

Since 1988, John Price Law Firm, LLC has been a strong advocate for workers’ rights in South Carolina. We believe that every injured worker has the right to claim benefits for medical expenses, lost wages, and compensation for any permanent impairment resulting from a workplace injury.

Workers’ Compensation Cases We Handle

Our extensive experience covers injuries such as:

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Remember, we operate on a contingency fee basis for all workers’ compensation cases, meaning you owe us nothing unless we recover money for you.