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Summer Safety Tips

With the kids getting out of school and South Carolina’s waterways calling your name, summer in the Palmetto State is a fun and relaxing time. However, summer also poses safety issues that we may not think about during the rest of the year. From extreme heat to dangerous drivers on the road or the water, it’s important to take extra precautions to stay safe during the summer.

Keep yourself and your family safe this summer by following these summer safety tips:

Stay hydrated

Heatstroke is a common illness that occurs in the summer, with exposure to extreme heat and high humidity. The best way to avoid this illness is to keep yourself and your kids hydrated when you’re outside. You should be drinking eight eight ounce glasses of water a day, roughly half a gallon. Another way to consume water is by eating watery fruits like watermelon.

If you’re working outside during the hottest times of the year, make sure you take extra care to prevent heat-related injuries.

Use an effective bug repellent

As temperatures rise this summer, so will the number of bugs that pester kids and adults alike. Protect yourself and your family by applying bug spray in order to reduce the risk of insect transmitted diseases, as well as the uncomfortable side effects of bites and stings. And don’t forget about your furry friends – be sure to regularly check your pets for ticks.

Apply sunscreen

Whether you’re heading to the pool, the beach, or on the boat this summer, don’t forget to pack and apply sunblock. Staying in the shade, wearing protective clothing, and applying sunscreen periodically throughout the day are just three ways to reduce the risk of skin cancer. Shield your skin from the UV rays by reapplying sunscreen every two hours.

Keep an eye on your kids when they’re swimming

According to the World Health Organization, drowning is one of the leading causes of unintentional deaths. And unfortunately, age is a big risk factor when it comes to drowning. Even the strongest swimmers can get into unexpected trouble. It’s easy to get lost in a good book, or become transfixed with the latest Facebook posts, but be sure to keep an eye on your children while swimming.

Plan ahead to avoid summer traffic

Summer is the perfect time to take a family vacation, but getting stuck in traffic on the highway with reckless drivers, who swerve in and out of lanes, is not ideal. More teenagers are on the road during the summer because school is out, so car accidents are likely to increase. Avoid heavy traffic by leaving early in the morning when fewer cars are on the road.

There’s also heavier traffic on the water during the summer. If you’ll be boating, make sure you practice proper boater safety.

Share the road

With warm weather, you will likely see more bicyclists and motorcyclists on the road. Be a cautious driver and share the road. It’s easy to become impatient with a cyclist who seems to be taking up the whole lane, but wait until the other lane, or other side of the road, is clear before passing. Give the cyclist and/or motorcyclist plenty of room when passing, as cutting in too closely will likely result in an accident.

Following these rules will help your family have a safe, injury-free summer. Unfortunately, accidents can occur even when every precaution is taken. If you or a loved one is injured this summer, call the John Price Law Firm at (843) 552-6011 and arrange a free initial consultation. Our experienced attorneys may be able to help.

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