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Summer Fun Gone South

With the kids out of school, they have nothing but time on their hands. It’s easy to send the little ones outside to play, and not think twice about it, but summer has its safety hazards. Prior to letting your kids loose, read over these four incidents and how to handle them; should any happen to your children.


Playgrounds are a great way for your child to let out some energy and have fun. However, falling off the climbing equipment, slides and swings are common accidents that occur in summer. Falling of a swing set could result in a catastrophic head injury. In order to avoid injury, check the equipment to make sure it’s sturdy and cushioned, and there are no exposed bolts.


Always remind your child to wear a helmet. Kids are prone to crashing into objects and falling off their bike, but getting hit by a car is also possible. Don’t let your child ride in the street unless you are with them. Biking on the sidewalk insures safety for your kid. It’s also important to teach your kid basic bike safety.


You should always watch your child when they’re swimming. Drowning is the 3rd leading cause of unintentional injury death worldwide. Learning CPR is the best way to keep your child safe, in case of emergency. Also, if your child is four or older, she should be enrolled in a swim class. You should also remind your kids not to run or push one another while at the pool.


The majority of kids love trampolines, but jumping has consequences. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) states that somersaults and flips on trampolines can result in permanent spine injuries. Fractures, sprains, concussions and head & neck injuries are also common. Adult supervision should be provided at all times, and only allowing one person to jump at a time is the best way to avoid injury.

Remember to reference these four incidences so your child avoids injury this summer. Should your child get hurt within the next few months, contact John Price Law Firm. Our practice areas include personal injury, but also motor vehicle accidents, workers’ compensation, medical negligence and employment discrimination.

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