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Stop on Red Week: Dangers of Running a Red Light

Have you ever had a close call with another driver making the dangerous mistake of running a red light? The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) describes red light running as the “leading cause of urban crashes in the United States,” often resulting in serious injury or death. As Stop on Red Week from the National Coalition for Safer Roads (NCSR) approaches this August 2-8, we’re highlighting the dangers posed by drivers who run red lights and sharing tips to reduce your risk of being a victim of this dangerous driving behavior.

How Common Is This Issue?
Medical Xpress reports that “even though 85% of drivers say that red light running is very dangerous, nearly one-third admit to going through a red light within the past 30 days when they could have stopped safely, according to the AAA Foundation’s latest Traffic Safety Culture Index.” NCSR reports that “more than 3.8 million drivers received a red light running violation in 2016.”

Risks of Running a Red Light

IIHS reports 846 people were killed in 2018 from crashes related to running a red light. Nearly half of those who lost their lives were “pedestrians, bicyclists, and people in other vehicles who were hit by the red-light runners.” Additionally, red light crashes resulted in approximately 139,000 people being injured. Although reports running a red light or stop sign is a misdemeanor in South Carolina and means four demerit points on a motorist’s driving record, there is much more at stake. The report “depending on the situation, a red light or stop sign violation could also lead to a reckless driving conviction. And if one of these violations results in the death of another person, ‘reckless vehicular homicide’ charges are possible.”

**Defensive Driving Tips for Intersections
**Driving defensively is defined by AIG as “driving so as to prevent accidents in spite of the incorrect actions of others or adverse driving conditions, such as weather, traffic, lighting, vehicle or road condition, or the driver’s physical or mental state.” When it comes to intersections, they recommend driving as though others on the road may not obey traffic control devices, allowing yourself time and space to avoid the hazards this may create. Exercise even more caution after dark and look out for large vehicles approaching. Additionally, check to see that your lights and reflective devices are in working order.

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