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Steps to Take in Workers’ Compensation

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When you’re injured on the job, Workers’ Compensation law provides benefits and damages to help compensate individuals for their injuries during recovery. Depending on your case, these compensations may include medical treatment, weekly payment if your unable to work, mileage reimbursement from medical appointments, and payment for an employees physical damages.

Unless you intentionally hurt yourself, engaged in fraud, or were injured due to intoxication, you are likely entitled to compensation. Below, we talk about the first steps you should take in a time of injury in order to claim workers comp.

File a Notice with Your Supervisor

In order to receive workers comp in South Carolina you must file a notice with your supervisor within 90 days. If an injury has occured on the job, it must be documented within this time period.

Ask for Medical Care

After filing your injury with your supervisor it’s time to request medical treatment. Most employers have a company doctor or a medical provider.

Get a Written Work Excuse

Your doctor may restrict you from working or recommend you only perform light duty tasks. It’s important to get a written work excuse that is documented for your employer stating why you are unable to work. Be sure to make a copy for your own records.

In some cases an insurance company may be hesitant to pay, so it’s crucial to follow these steps of documentation. Let our skilled lawyers help you during your time of recovery. To receive help in pursuing the benefits our law promises, contact us online or call us at (843) 552-6011.