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Staying Safe During The Solar Eclipse

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On Monday, August 21st, the Charleston area will have a front row seat to a total solar eclipse. This exciting event will draw huge crowds to the Holy City. Officials estimate 2 million people will make their way to Charleston to see the eclipse.

It’s important to be prepared with such a large influx of people coming into the area. Here are some tips to help you stay safe during the total solar eclipse.

Stay home

The best advice for staying safe during the eclipse is to stay at home. With 2 million extra people in the city, it will be pretty crazy out and about and on the roads. With Charleston county schools and many offices closed, there should be no need to leave the house on the 21st.

Charleston county officials understand that it will be a chaotic day, and will take steps to keep the area safe. There will be plenty of law enforcement working to combat the large crowds and to keep the roads safe.

Protect your eyes

There are also safety measures you should take while actually viewing the eclipse. Even during an eclipse, the sun can damage your eyes. In fact, it’s best not to look straight at the eclipse. However, it is a phenomenal event and if you feel inclined to look right at it, eclipse glasses are available. Just make sure you are wearing NASA-approved eclipse glasses.

Drive safely

If you do have to drive during the eclipse, make sure you are being extra cautious. Roads will be extremely crowded, and people may be paying more attention to the sky than the road. That being said, do not try to look at the eclipse while driving.

If you’re in the car at 2:46 pm when the sun is totally eclipsed and want to see it, pull over and get out of your car to do so. Officials expect that many people will pull over on the interstate and roads to see the event. After viewing the eclipse, give your eyes time to adjust before getting back behind the wheel.

Don’t drink and drive

With schools closed and people getting off of work, many are treating the eclipse like a holiday and planning to partake in parties. If you will be drinking, it is extremely important to plan properly, so make sure you have a designated driver. With 2 million more people looking for rides, apps like Uber and Lyft will likely have long wait times and surged prices.

Plan ahead for a ride home and of course, do not drink and drive. The roads will be crazy already, and driving under the influence will put you and many others in serious danger. Don’t let such an extraordinary event end in tragedy.

The eclipse should be an exciting event, so follow these tips to ensure a worry and injury-free day. If you have any legal questions, don’t hesitate to contact the Charleston personal injury lawyers at the John Price Law Firm.

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