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Slip and Fall Injuries on Private Property

Fall rhythms feel a little different this year. Though gatherings may be limited or taken outdoors with social distancing in mind, you may still plan to visit a friend’s private property. Perhaps there will be pumpkin carving with the kids on the back porch, a chili cook-off with seasonal ingredients, or an autumn wine and cheese tasting. Things can take a turn in a matter of moments when the premises are unsafe, leading to unfortunate injuries. states: “Generally, property owners and occupants owe a duty to use reasonable care to maintain any property under their control.” At John Price Law Firm, LLC, we see slip and fall injuries due to slippery floors, holes or pavement defects, areas under construction, or inadequate safety precautions in dangerous areas, to name a few. Keep reading to learn more about slip and fall law and how we can help.

What Is Slip and Fall Law? defines slip and fall law: “Slip and fall law refers to the liability rules governing cases in which an individual falls to the ground and suffers harm due to a dangerous condition on someone else’s property.”

More Than Slips

Regarding types of injuries under the law, reports victims are covered from unsafe conditions underfoot resulting in a slip and fall, “whether it produces a stumble, overextension, twist, or other movements.”

**Serious Injuries May Occur
**Serious injuries occur from slip and fall accidents. We often see the following:

The healing process can be quite slow and may include permanent consequences. Although the property owner may be a friend who is extremely apologetic, it’s important to put your health and livelihood first. Your quality of living may be affected for longer than you would initially believe.

What Should I Do If I Suffer a Slip and Fall Injury on Private Property?

Contact our personal injury firm if you or a loved one has been the victim of a slip and fall injury in South Carolina. Time is of the essence when it comes to documentation, as the owners may attempt to cover up or correct the situation. Avoid collecting a “quick check” from the insurance company, as it will likely not cover problems that arise down the road.

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