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Sharing the Road With Motorcycles

Motorcycle riders are not as protected on the road as drivers in cars. In order to make the road safer for you and those around you, it’s important to understand safely sharing the road with motorcycles. Being aware of their presence is absolutely crucial to make sure no one gets injured on the road.

Here are some tips for sharing the road with motorcycles and their drivers:

Look Around

Before going into another lane, always look in your blindspot and mirrors. Because motorcycles are often smaller than cars, they are even more susceptible to being hidden in your blind spot. Not only will checking your blind spot help you see motorcycles, but other cars as well.

Give Them Space

When following and passing motorcycles, make sure you are leaving plenty of space between the bike and your car. Leave plenty of following time to better register when the motorcycle is slowing down. When passing, you may be tempted to zip around the bike within the same lane. However, in this instance you should treat the motorcycle like any car on the road and give them the whole lane.

Watch for Turn Signals

Motorcycle turn signals won’t automatically turn off like car turn signals. Instead, the motorcycle driver needs to manually turn off their turn signals. Sometimes, they forget. If a motorcycle has their turn signal on, watch to see if they actually turn. It just be that they haven’t turned it off so giving this extra caution is a good idea.

Motorcycles do not offer the same protection as cars, and it’s the responsibility of drivers in cars and motorcycles alike to safely share the road with each other. Following the tips above will keep you and other drivers safe. And remember, being aware of other drivers, who are biking or otherwise, should always be a priority when driving.

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