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Securing a Designated Driver on New Year’s Eve

Many of us choose to spend time with friends and family when celebrating the new year, but far too many people are involved in a fatal accident after leaving a party. On New Year’s Eve, 48 percent of highway deaths are alcohol-related. According to statistics from, January 1st has the highest percentage of deaths from drunk driving as compared to other holidays. How can you keep you and your loved ones safe? Never drink and drive. Instead, secure a ride service to take you home. If possible, stay off the roads on New Year’s Eve and January 1st. Arrange to stay over at a friend or family member’s house so you can drive home in the morning.

If you need a ride home, here are the best companies and how to reach them.


The most popular ride-sharing app, Uber is a quick, convenient method for getting home safely. If you’re planning on calling an Uber, download the app on your phone and make sure you are familiar with using it before you leave for the party. Uber’s rates are determined by the time of day, distance, and the availability of drivers, so make sure you are able to pay the fare. Uber is a safe, reliable method of returning home safely.


Lyft offers the same service as Uber. Download the app in advance and make sure you are comfortable using it. It is a good idea to download both onto your phone before the party. If one ride service is too far away, you can call another driver on a different app. Lyft is also convenient, easy, and safe. Since fares are calculated with a method similar to Uber’s, you can compare rates or take the first car you can schedule.


The Yellow Cab of Charleston and the Charleston Green Taxi are two taxi services you may prefer to call after a party. The Yellow Cab runs 24 hours a day on a first come, first serve basis on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. There are no extra fees for late-night pickups.

Since New Year’s is the busiest night, Green Taxi offers regular rates for pickups until 11 p.m. After 11 p.m. on the 31st, they will rent out cars for an hour at a time. The charge is $75 for a car and $85 for the van. Otherwise, the cab service can’t guarantee pickups on time. They are available until three or four in the morning, and open at 6 a.m. on New Year’s Day.

Sober friend

If you don’t plan on calling a ride service to take you home, arrange to have a friend drive you home. You should talk with your friend a few days in advance to make sure he or she plans to refrain from drinking and is willing to drive you. This friend should be someone you trust to keep his or her word. Never hesitate to call a ride service if you think your friend isn’t capable of driving. You can always come back to pick up your car in the morning.

Worst times to drive

New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day can be dangerous for both drivers and pedestrians. Don’t walk near busy roads at night, since visibility is reduced and drivers may be impaired. If possible, don’t drive after dark on New Year’s Eve, and be especially cautious on the road in the morning on January 1st, since people may be driving home while still impaired.

The team at the John Price Law Firm wishes a safe and happy end and beginning to the year for you and your family. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motor vehicle accident, contact us online or at (843) 552-6011 for compassionate, experienced representation.

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