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Repetitive Trauma Injuries

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Repetitive trauma injuries we see occurring in the workplace typically involve power tools, such as jack hammers or power drills. But, even prolonged typing in a business setting can cause a repetitive trauma known as carpal tunnel syndrome. Mayo Clinic defines Carpal tunnel syndrome as “a hand and arm condition that causes numbness, tingling and other symptoms. Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by a pinched nerve in your wrist.”

With Carpal tunnel syndrome, this type of injury occurs over an extended period of time. The injury will continue to progress to a point where the pain will be too much for the worker to bear. It’s at this point they typically seek medical help and possibly even legal advice. The employee is required to give notice to the employer that an injury has occurred. It’s wise to mention any signs that an injury is starting to occur to the employer right away.

When an injury like this is checked out, there has to be medical evidence that draws a link between the injury and the circumstances at work. If the worker is seeking legal advice, it’s important to meet with an Attorney to discuss the details and facts to determine exactly when the injury started to occur.

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