Prescription Error

When you swallow the pills a nurse hands you or fill a prescription at a local pharmacy, you are entrusting your health to someone else. If your doctor prescribed the wrong medication, the nurse gives you the incorrect dose or the pharmacist misreads the order, you could suffer very serious repercussions.

At John Price Law Firm, LLC, our prescription error attorneys represent individuals in Charleston and throughout South Carolina who have been injured by the negligence of medical professionals. We are here to answer your questions, explain your legal rights and help you pursue fair compensation.

Our lawyers are compassionate advocates for our clients, yet aggressive toward other parties who need to be held accountable for their harmful actions.

Frequent Types Of Medication Errors

Prescription drug mistakes affect countless people every year, and they occur for many reasons. Here are just a few potential examples:

A physician fails to pay attention to the patient's history of drug allergies.
A psychiatrist prescribes the wrong drug or one that interacts dangerously with other medications.
A nurse confuses the decimal points and administers an overdose or does not administer enough.
A pharmacist dispenses a certain medication to the wrong patient.

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