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Preparing For Holiday Travel

Whether you’re leaving to visit your family or you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner, you or loved ones will be traveling during the holidays. In this busy season, a combination of increased alcohol consumption and heavy traffic lead to a higher risk of accidents. During Thanksgiving weekend, there are about 400 traffic fatalities every year. On New Year’s Eve, 42% of accidents are caused by drunk driving. Teenagers on break from school are also prone to risky driving, as they are on the road more often for longer duration and don’t know their alcohol limits. To keep your winter vacations safe and stress-free, pay attention to traffic, follow airport regulations, and prepare your car for a long trip.


The day before Thanksgiving, known as “Black Wednesday” or Thanksgiving Eve, has become of a night of collective revelry as adults party long into the night. Christmas and New Year’s celebrations also involve excess alcohol use, and as many plan to travel back home on those days, too many drivers are inebriated. In the weeks surrounding Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s, highways and interstates experience heavy traffic. On Black Friday and Christmas Eve, the roads are filled with both travelers and shoppers who are rushing to arrive at relatives’ homes, find the best holiday deals, or buy last minute presents. Be prepared for delays by packing food, extra water, and a cell phone charger with you. Before leaving, plan out alternate routes in advance. Depending on where you are headed to, you may want to consider leaving earlier or later to avoid the worst of the traffic.


If you have a medical need for syringes due to diabetes or other illness, contact your doctor in advance for a written note explaining your situation to airport personnel. Medicine and other valuables should be stored in a purse or other carry-on bag that is less likely to be misplaced. When traveling out of the country, make sure you know the generic names of your prescriptions in case you need to replace them due to loss or theft. Accompany your children on bathroom breaks, and make sure they know your phone number in case you are separated. When packing gifts for your family, keep in mind that you are only allowed containers of 3.4 ounces or less of liquid. If you want to bring wine with you, check your suitcase or consider shipping bottles ahead of time. Always consult your airport’s regulations for specific rules about beverages and food.

Road trips

When planning your route, try to avoid major shopping malls or outlets if driving on Black Friday or the days leading up to Christmas. When possible, take back roads instead of the main highway. Traveling early in the morning is safer than late at night since inebriated drivers are more likely to be on the road late at night. Nighttime driving also increases the risk of an accident since visibility is greatly reduced. Before leaving your home, take your car in for a maintenance check-up. Make sure the oil is changed, the tires are in good condition, the brakes are sound, and your heat is working properly. If you are traveling up north, take the necessary precautions to winterize your car and pay close attention to the weather.

The team at John Price Law Firm hopes for a safe and happy holiday season for all travelers. In the event of an accident, we can help you get the justice you deserve after a vehicular collision, motorcycle crash, or other traffic incidents. Contact us at (843) 552-6011 for experienced, compassionate representation.

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