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Preparing a Deposition

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When it comes to legal terms, you’ve probably heard the word deposition thrown around, but maybe you aren’t quite sure what exactly a deposition is. A deposition is a sworn statement given in the presence of a court reporter in preparation for trial or litigation.

When pursuing a court case, such as a personal injury case, your Attorney will help you prepare for your deposition. It’s typical for a lawyer to prepare a client for any kind of given statement, whether it’s to an insurance representative or during deposition. Your Attorney will prepare you by letting you know what kinds of questions to expect during the deposition and reviewing what it is you’ll testify to and about.

The purpose of preparing a client for deposition is to make sure the client’s testimony tells his or her side of the story clearly and truthfully, while maintaining credibility. Both the client and Attorney’s credibility are key to a case. If you know what kinds of questions to expect during a deposition, you won’t be blindsided and will better keep your composure. You should be comfortable when telling your side of the story during a deposition, not intimidated.

With injury cases, your Attorney will also help refresh your memory when it comes to medical records and notes from doctor’s visits before a deposition. If some time has passed since you last went to the doctor or saw your records, it’s quite possible, even likely, to have some of the details confused or misremembered. In preparing for deposition and rehashing the specifics of your medical records, you can establish and maintain credibility.

Every legal case is different, but litigation cases will typically always involve one or multiple depositions. At the very least, the two parties involved in a case will give statements explaining their side of the story.

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