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Negotiations and Building a Case

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So you’ve had your consultation, been released from medical care, and now it’s time for us at the John Price Law Firm to do our work. Having collected the necessary information and medical records, we can begin the process of presenting and settling your case.

While some lawyers choose to draft a cover letter or write a one or two page summary detailing the events of an accident, we at John Price Law Firm write a chronological outline stating the facts of the case and your injuries. With the details of your case outlined this way, our Attorneys have the information quickly available when speaking with adjusters about settlements. A factual outline can be easier for adjusters to read as well, and some have even complimented our method in the past.

When putting together this outline, we sometimes include certain parts of your medical records to serve as strong points for your case. While it is not required to produce every one of your medical records during negotiations, it can be helpful to highlight instances of injuries such as spasms, visible bruising, or contusions in order to build the best possible case.

We do our absolute best to settle without going to trial, but nothing is guaranteed during negotiations. In our experience, the better we prepare to go to trial, the more likely it is for adjusters to settle. Everything may not go perfectly with your case, but the Attorneys at John Price are always in your corner.

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