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Lawyer Spotlight: Heather A. Panter

This May, the John Price Law Firm is celebrating 30 years of legal service to the Lowcountry and state of South Carolina. In honor of 30 years, we’re highlighting the amazing attorneys that make up our team. Thank you for all you do for the John Price Law Firm and our clients!

Meet our attorney, Heather!

Where are you from?

I currently live in Summerville. I am originally from Northwest Indiana, right outside of Chicago. I moved to Summerville from Indianapolis in 2010.

Where you obtained your law degree?

Valparaiso University School of Law

What inspired you to become a lawyer?

During my last year of college, I volunteered at a local domestic violence shelter. At that point in time, I was planning on obtaining a PhD in Psychology after graduation. Although my job focused on counseling, I found myself fascinated with the legal aspects of each situation, and ended up applying for law school instead of graduate school.

How long have you been practicing law?

16 years

What brought you to the John Price Law Firm?

I was working in-house for an insurance company when I left Indianapolis to move to Summerville. I knew that I no longer wanted to do defense work and that my heart really was with helping injured people. I found my home at JPLF shortly after relocating to the Lowcountry.

What is your favorite thing about being on the JPLF team?

My favorite thing about this team is that it feels like we are one big family. Despite having multiple offices, we still manage to function as one cohesive unit. I have worked a government job and I have also worked for a large corporation, both very different types of legal employment, but I do not miss the structure of either of those positions. I enjoy the family atmosphere here at JPLF.

What is your favorite thing about being a lawyer?

My favorite thing about being a lawyer is helping people in their time of need. I really enjoy living and working in Summerville. I love the Town of Summerville and being right here, available to help my neighbors is a great feeling.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Spend time with my daughter.

Favorite spot in the Lowcountry?

My front porch.

Best advice you’ve ever gotten?

My grandfather always told me “If you are bored, it’s your fault. Figure it out.” I think about that advice often and have applied it to so many different aspects of my life, especially in times when I have needed some sort of redirection, whether big or small.