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Cool School Teacher: Hannah Butler

Teacher Hannah Butler says she can relate to students who may be struggling and works hard to make her class engaging and fun. We’re in Mount Pleasant with our Cool School Teacher of the week.

Ms. Hannah Butler is a second and third-grade teacher at Crown Leadership Academy. A teacher for five years, she’s been at Crown three years. She decided to become a teacher because she was inspired by her mother who was also an educator. She says watching her mother teach, showed her a great teacher can change any child’s life. That’s the goal for her classroom, and for each child, she teaches. She believes education can give children the confidence they need to do anything they dream.

Ms. Butler says she struggled in school but had teachers along the way who believed in her, spent the time to foster her talents and helped her breakthrough to success. “It makes me a strong teacher today because I can understand the kids’ struggle, and what they go through. For me, it was finding those little creative ways to make spelling fun or make math make sense that helps me get through school, and to be able to do that for the kids today is really exciting. It’s as simple as making a song for spelling words, helping them to work through that, and see them succeed is awesome, and it makes my struggles worth it.”

Third-grade student Selina Griffith says, “She’s really nice, and she’s really kind, and she’s funny. She’s a really good friend.” Second-grade student Jimothy Brown says, “This really feels like a dream. She’s really nice, very funny, and when we need help always there to help us and were allowed to work with our friends. She’s really the best teacher ever.”

Ms. Butler has an interactive classroom. She teaches life lessons. Her students also have a classroom money system.

Congratulations Ms. Hannah Butler!

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