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Children often don't see danger when approaching a dog, playing near a pool, or entering the street. That's why there are special laws to protect them. When your child has been injured, be assured that the John Price Law Firm, LLC will do what it legally and ethically can to help the family through a difficult time, and to protect the rights and best interests of the child.

Our personal injury attorneys have represented many child injury cases on behalf of young victims. We have handled child head injury cases, fractured legs, broken arms, disfigurement, scarring and all types of injuries to children from:

Playground accidents
Dart out cases (struck by cars while riding a bike or crossing a street)
Children struck at school bus stops
Dog bites
Burns or poisons
Defective products

The South Carolina child injury lawyers of the John Price Law Firm, LLC can meet with parents at our offices in North Charleston, Mt. Pleasant, Summerville, Holly Hill, and Myrtle Beach.

Bringing a Child Injury Claim

Children are protected under the law because they don't have the judgment or the reaction of an adult. If the child "darted out" into traffic, were there other kids present in the area that would have alerted the driver to be cautious of children? Did the playground equipment comply with applicable regulations? Was the dog on a leash or roaming free?

When we take these cases to court, we ask juries to be fair, but to see the accident through the eyes of the child. In the event of a child head injury or other personal injury claim, contact the John Price Law Firm, LLC today. We will discuss your case in a free consultation, including evenings or weekends by appointment. We want to help protect your child's rights and best interests. Let us help.

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