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How Should I Handle Social Media During A Personal Injury Lawsuit?

For most people, spending time on social media is an everyday part of life. It can be used professionally and personally with a wide variety of platforms to choose from. However, posting on social media should be done very carefully when you are in the midst of filing a personal injury lawsuit. Here is a look at some helpful social media tips on how to use social media while waiting to settle a personal injury lawsuit.

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Think Before You Post

One goal of your adversary in a personal injury claim is to find a flaw in your claim. Claims adjusters are tasked with protecting their client and that means they will look to hinder your credibility by monitoring your online activity. If you are waiting on a settlement for a back injury, do not post pictures of a physical activity.

Use Privacy Setting

One way to keep prying eyes away from your social media page is to turn on your privacy setting so that only your connections can view your posts. This is not a full-proof plan as there are some third-party entities that will give access to a portion of your images, statuses and videos. Nevertheless, privacy settings offer another level of protection.

Do Not Accept Requests from People You Don’t Know

Forget about trying to build your follower numbers during this time. If someone you do not recognize sends you a friend request, keep in mind that it could be a claims adjuster. This ploy can be used to monitor your social media activity and if you post something you shouldn’t, that phantom friend will be there to make a record of it.

Refrain from Checking In

It is popular to check in when you travel to places. Avoid this altogether. Even if you are doing nothing strenuous, an adjuster could point out all the places you have been and argue that a legitimate injury would prevent so much traveling around. Frequent check-ins will give them an opportunity to challenge your claim with evidence that you are getting around.

Stop Friend Tags

It is also a good idea to discontinue any tagging from friends. You may not post about a trip somewhere, but a friend could tag you on a shared trip or adventure. Most social media sites have a setting to prevent you from being tagged in other users’ social media posts. It’s recommended that you activate that setting until your claim is settled.