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Fireworks Safety Month

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June has been named Fireworks Safety Month. With the 4th of July approaching, many are getting excited for firework shows and displays, and even beginning to stock up on some of their own. While fireworks are a fun and dazzling spectacle, they can also be very dangerous.

Every year around the 4th of July, the US sees an increase in injuries and fires caused by fireworks, causing serious damage to individuals as well as buildings and property. Fortunately, most incidents caused by fireworks are preventable.

There are ways you can reduce the risks that fireworks pose. From looking for a fireworks vendor’s business license to supervising children and practicing proper disposal, you and your loved ones can enjoy the spectacle of a fireworks display without the danger.

While following safe procedures will greatly reduce the risk of an injury or fire caused by fireworks, incidents can still occur. If you or a loved one is injured by fireworks due to a defective product or inadequate warning, the John Price Law Firm can help.

For more information about fireworks safety, check out our blog with more fireworks safety tips. The John Price Law Firm wishes everyone a safe and happy Independence Day!