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Fighting Against the Motorcycle Bias

Unfortunately, some people just seem to have it out for motorcycle riders. While the vast majority of bike riders obey the laws of the road, the actions of a few have turned a big part of the car and truck driving public against them. If you have been hurt in a bike accident and feel that you are not being treated fairly in your case, contact a motorcycle accident lawyer right away for help.

The Facts Are the Facts

When evaluating who is to blame for a crash out on the roads, it doesn’t particularly matter who was driving what kind of vehicle – the key is to determine who was driving/riding in accordance with the law, and who was not. In other words, who was at fault? There is a temptation by some to assume that the motorcycle rider was at fault each time a bike is hit, but that simply isn’t the case. A good motorcycle accident lawyer will work hard to figure out what really happened so justice can be served.

Get Started in a Timely Manner

It’s important to get started working with your motorcycle accident lawyer as quickly as possible. When you let too much time pass between the accident and starting your case, it becomes harder and harder to prove that you were in the right. Witnesses may begin to forget what they saw, or they might become harder to track down. Some physical evidence, such as skid marks on the roadway, will fade with time, and the vehicles involved will either be repaired or sent to the scrap yard. In other words, there is no time to waste if you hope to make a successful claim. Once you have dealt with any immediate health issues that needed to be resolved, get in touch with a law office that can help you build a case.

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