Emergency Room & Surgical Errors

When you undergo surgery or take a loved one to the emergency room, you deserve to have your or your family member's medical needs addressed in a knowledgeable manner. In most cases, surgeons and ER staff do exactly that. In rare cases, however, they may act negligently and cause additional injury. If the negligence or carelessness of a South Carolina surgeon or emergency room employee resulted in harm to you or a loved one, you have rights. John Price Law Firm, LLC is here to uphold those rights. Our Charleston attorneys can help you pursue maximum compensation for your injuries.

Examples Of Emergency Room Errors And Surgical Mistakes

ER and surgery errors come in a wide variety. Here are just a few examples:

Operating on the wrong part of a patient's body (i.e., "wrong site surgery")
Leaving sponges, scalpels or other surgical instruments behind in a patient's body
Failing to admit someone who is in vital need of assistance
Failing to keep the surgery or ER room sterile
Failing to treat blood clots or pulmonary embolism
Misdiagnosing an urgent medical condition
Reading a patient's test results or medical charts incorrectly
Prematurely discharging a patient
Failing to order CT scans, blood tests or other necessary tests
Prescribing or administering the wrong medication

In any medical negligence case, proving that the medical professional was negligent is a job for an experienced lawyer. Your attorney must be able to show that the doctor or hospital did not follow the accepted standard of care, and that such a deviation resulted in your injury.

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