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Driving in the Rain in the Lowcountry

Summer in the Lowcountry means beach days and cookouts, but also heavy rain showers. If you’ve ever been trapped on I-26 during a rainstorm in Charleston, then you know that driving in the rain can be dangerous. The Holy City is known for its rich history, but also floods. Here are four tips on how to drive safely during a rainstorm in the Lowcountry.

Take Your Time

Slow down! Even if your windshield wipers are at maximum speed, heavy rain can blur your vision. The best way to stay safe, and in your lane, is by slowing down so the rain won’t hit your windshield as hard. Also, don’t feel pressured to speed up if the person behind you is riding your bumper, instead let them pass in the left lane.

Turn Your Lights On

Turning on your lights will not only help you see the car in front of you better, but will also make your vehicle more visible to the cars around you. If the rainfall is extremely heavy, you may feel the need to turn on your four-way flashers / hazard lights. Turning your hazard lights on during a storm is illegal in some states, but in South Carolina, you may turn them on during a rainstorm to warn other drivers to proceed with caution.

Give Other Vehicles More Space

The roads are more slick when it’s raining; therefore, making your car more prone to hydroplane. To avoid hydroplaning, make sure there’s plenty of space between your car and the one in front of you. A good rule of thumb to follow is the 3-5 second rule. To follow this rule, pick a focal point that is parallel to the car in front of you and then count the seconds it takes you to arrive at that same road point. If takes you less than three seconds, you’re following too closely.

Pull Over

If you feel really unsafe driving during a heavy rainstorm, the best thing to do is pull over. To avoid a collision, you should pull off to the nearest exit and find a gas station or parking lot to wait out the rain. If there are no nearby exits, you should pull off to the side of the road and put your four-way flashers on.

At John Price Law Firm, we want you to have a fun, but safe, summer. For your safety, remember to check the weather before hitting the road. Also, follow these four tips to drive safely in the rain and avoid a collision. If you happen to get in a car crash, contact us at (843) 832-6000.

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