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Driving in the Dark

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It’s time to fall back! This Sunday, November 6th daylight saving time comes to an end and we will be turning back the clocks one hour. The days will be shorter and the nights will be longer, and we all get to enjoy an extra hour of sleep. However, those long nights also mean more commuting in the dark. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind after turning the clocks back this weekend.

While most of us are used to driving in the dark, it can be quite an adjustment to suddenly have to commute in the dark when you are used to making the drive in broad daylight. So don’t be surprised by the darkness and make sure you are prepared for the adjustment.

First, there’s lighting. You need to check that your headlights and dashboard lighting are working properly. When using your brights, be sure to turn them off when other cars are approaching or driving in front of you. While your brights allow you to see better, they can impair other drivers’ vision.

You also need to be hyper-aware of your surroundings. Even if your lights are working perfectly, it can be much harder to see a child crossing the street or a cyclist in your lane when it is dark. So slow down and be aware of pedestrians, cyclists, and other cars who are sharing the road with you during your morning and evening commutes.

Driving is not the only area where you should practice extra precaution with the time change. It will also be darker than usual when you walk into your office in the morning or leave for the evening. When walking from your place of work to the parking lot, a bicycle rack, or straight to your home, keep a check on your surroundings. Parking decks, sidewalks, and streets will be darker and perhaps less crowded than you are used to.

The John Price Law Firm wants everybody to stay safe and incident-free with the end of daylight saving time. Keep these safety tips in mind so that you can fully enjoy that extra hour of sleep!