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Drive Safely Work Week: Resources for Employers

Drive Safely Work Week is typically the first week of October, but the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS) has taken a new approach to allow for more frequent campaigns to raise awareness around driving safety. If you are a business owner, be sure to visit the NETS website for free resources including a launch letter, fact sheet, presentation, pledge cards and more. If Drive Safely Work Week isn’t being promoted at your workplace yet, employees are encouraged to pass the information along to their leadership team or appropriate committee(s) for consideration. Keep reading to be informed about this worthwhile cause.

**What is Drive Safely Work Week?
**Drive Safely Work Week is designed to promote “safe-driving education and awareness materials for all employees and their families.” At the time of this post, there are five main modules available on the NETS website as a part of this initiative:

Don’t Text and Drive. Period. SafeWise describes texting and driving as “one of the most dangerous forms of distracted driving.” Sending a single text can distract a driver for up to five seconds. They go on to say “texting and driving is risky at best and lethal at worst.”

Drive Focused. Drive Smart. Get Home Safely.

Being a focused driver means eyes on the road, hands on the wheel and cellphones (including hands-free) away and out of sight. Be more alert by limiting distractions (visual, manual and cognitive).

Equally Risky
At the center of “Equally Risky” is hands-free technology. NETS states: “Studies show that hands-free devices are just as distracting as hand-held devices.”

Hang Up the Phone

A direct reminder that “your decisions drive your safety.” The National Consumer Advocacy Commission emphasizes the dangers of cell phone use while driving: “A growing body of evidence suggests that drivers that simply involve themselves in a conversation suffer debilitating distractions.”

Safe Driving is Serious Business

NETS cautions employers that “distracted driving, although not a new threat, is an ever-increasing threat to your employees.” Promoting safe driving in workplace communications and activities is one place to start. NETS recommends “combining education with legislation and enforcement.”

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