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We want to help when you are seriously injured or if you lose a loved one by a defective product. John Price Law Firm, LLC represents personal injury victims throughout the greater Charleston, South Carolina, areas.

Our lawyers are sensitive to your needs to recover from a devastating personal injury. We understand that medical bills are stacking up and paychecks are not coming in. John Price and his associates work to ensure that you receive full compensation for your losses, including medical expenses, lost wages and any permanent disability or future treatment required.

Defective Product? We Can Help

As South Carolina product liability attorneys, the John Price Law Firm, LLC has represented many innocent victims from the manufacturers of defective products. We often see products liability claims when defective products cause job injuries in workers compensation cases.

Product liability involves any machine and products that harms the user due to a design or manufacturing defect. Injuries may include back injury, injuries to hands and limbs, eye injury, severe burns, crushed bones, scarring or disfigurement, head injury, or any other physical effects.

These products are often related to a workers' compensation claim: defective forklift, drill press, conveyor belt, or farm equipment. It also might be a household tool, machine, or product, such as a lawnmower, circular saw or defective bike helmet.

If a family member is injured and you are seeking compensation, contact our South Carolina product liability attorneys. We offer a free consultation and can meet the victim at one of our five locations, or we can visit your home or hospital. We want to help. Let us help.

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