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Contingency Fee

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If you’re injured on the job or involved in an accident and want to file a worker’s compensation or personal injury claim, but you have concerns about the costs of legal representation, there is no need to worry. In such cases, lawyers are paid through a contingency fee, which means there is no fee unless you win the case.

While there will be court filing fees and other costs to be paid, the personal injury system is designed to help injured people to immediate access to legal recourse and representation. With a contingency fee, you are not required to pay your attorney for the work done on the case if it’s lost. And if for some reason your lawyer decides to withdraw from your case, there will be no charge for legal services.

When your lawyer first agrees to take on your case, you will sign a contingency fee agreement, which states that your legal representation will receive a fixed percentage of the final amount you receive in a successful case. In the state of South Carolina and Charleston County, the percentage is typically 33%. However, some law firms will charge a higher percentage.

Attorney fees and costs come out of the client’s final settlement. At the John Price Law Firm, we like to give our clients a copy of the settlement statement so they are able to see exactly how the money is broken down and costs are paid.

It’s important to keep in mind that as cases go on, particularly when they reach litigation, the costs can really pile up. But the attorneys at the John Price Law Firm can help determine the right course of action for your legal issues.

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