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Concussions: A Common Brain Injury

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As Brain Injury Awareness Month draws to a close, we want to turn our attention to a very common form of brain injury: the concussion. A concussion is also known as a mild traumatic brain injury, and it is the result of the brain moving rapidly inside the skull. The unusually rapid movement and the pressing of the brain against the skull affect the way the brain functions. Concussions occur in a variety of ways, like hitting your head in an automobile accident or a fall or even as a result of whiplash.

Concussions are an extremely common form of brain injury. Data states that between 1 and 3 million sports related concussions occur in America every year. Between 2001-2005, kids ages 5-18 experienced 2.5 million sports related injuries, 135,000 of those being concussions.

Signs and symptoms of a concussion include headache, nausea, fatigue, confusion, memory problems, sleep disturbances, and mood changes. These symptoms typically appear right after the injury occurs, but it is also possible they may not appear until days or even weeks later. If you experience any of these symptoms after hitting your head, even if only slightly, you should contact a medical professional. While the symptoms of a single concussion will likely subside without permanent damage, sustaining numerous concussions can be very dangerous to your brain function.

While concussions are not entirely preventable, there are precautions you and your loved ones can take in order to decrease your chances of sustaining a concussion. When playing like football, baseball, lacrosse, or other contact sports and riding your bike, it is extremely important to wear a properly fitting helmet. The CDC website has a lot of helpful information regarding helmets and making sure your helmet is the right fit.

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