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Child Safety and Car Seat Tips

Car seats have come a long way over the past few decades as child safety continues to improve with more new findings and advances. When using a car seat, the proper installation and instructions for strapping a child in should be followed. Here is a look at some helpful tips to guide you through the process.

Types of car seats

There are different types of car seats as designs and brands run far and wide. However, there are some staples that every parent should know. A rear facing car seat should be used for children up to the age of two at a minimum. Size variations could dictate a change later for some. These rear-facing seats keep the child secured with a harness strap even with or below the shoulders.

Forward facing car seats are used by children above the age of two. These also have a harness and should be even with or above the shoulders. Regardless of which of these seats are used, parents can make sure they are secure by employing a pinch test. Use your fingers to pinch the strap right around the collarbone area. When there is enough of the strap to pinch, then it is too loose.

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When to move on to a new car seat

Rear facing seats suit kids up to two years of age, unless they are on the smaller side. In those instances, they can be used a little longer. After the age of two, children should be placed in a front facing seat that is equipped with a five-point harness. But even when kids are big for their age before the age of two, they should still remain rear facing, due to the fact that their bones, spine and ligaments are still developing.

After the age of four, children can move to a booster seat in the state of South Carolina. This is contingent on the child meeting the recommended size requirements. That booster is required until the age of 8 in South Carolina or until the child has reached 57 inches tall. That is the minimum suggested height for a regular seat belt to function accordingly.

The wrong car seat or the improper fastening of a child safety seat could lead to a myriad of injuries. If you have a child who has been injured in an auto accident, the John Price Law Firm is here to help.