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Case Files – Strong Wind Topple Scaffolding, Causing 3 Injuries

For employees in the construction industry, the workplace is full of hazards. However, this does not mean that these workers should have to feel unsafe when they are doing their jobs. Employers have an obligation to their workers to ensure that they are properly trained and provided with adequate safety equipment, to minimize the risk of a work injury. Nevertheless, employees in South Carolina are injured on the job on an all too regular basis.

The same applies to workers in other states, as an accident in nearby Charlotte, N.C. recently demonstrated. Strong winds wreaked havoc in the area and struck a building site where a scaffold had been erected on the Sheraton Hotel. The winds tore the scaffold from the wall, toppling it while workers were still standing on it.

Firefighters and paramedics attended the scene, where three men were buried in the debris. The victims were extricated from the rubble and treated by emergency service personnel, but one of the men is thought to have suffered serious injuries. All three of the men are reported to have been transported to a hospital. Shortly afterward, safety inspectors arrived to review the situation.

Depending on the severity of their injuries, these workers could be faced with hefty medical bills. To make things worse, they also may be unable to return to work immediately, costing them the wages that might have helped with those bills. However, they may be able to claim workers’ compensation as they were injured on their job. Their entitlements will also be affected by the findings of the safety inspectors.

_It may have happened in our neighbor state, but workers in South Carolina can surely empathize. An unexpected turn of events can be disastrous, possibly even leading to permanent injuries. Getting a fair settlement from the insurance company or receiving adequate compensation can be a huge benefit at such a time. This is where an attorney might be particularly helpful, ensuring you take the necessary steps to receive the remuneration you are entitled to. If you have been injured and need advice on your options, contact us to set up a free consultation. _

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