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Case Files – Multiple Child Deaths Due to Being Left in Hot Cars

Young children are extremely vulnerable. Curious about the world and largely unaware of its many dangers, they can easily come to harm if not watched over by a responsible adult. Sadly, it only takes a brief lapse in that adult’s concentration for a child injury or worse to occur. In South Carolina, a father learned this in the worst possible way when he forgot to take his infant daughter out of his car on a hot day.

The 13-month-old girl was supposed to be going to daycare, but her father forgot to drop her off. Instead, she remained fast asleep in the car, with the outside temperature being around 90 degrees. Tragically, the little girl died.

Her father has since been taking efforts to raise awareness and prevent the same thing from happening to other families. He has been distributing pink elephant stickers to parents. The intent is that parents put such stickers in their car windows, reminding them that their child is in the back.

Child deaths stemming from being left in hot vehicles are far too common. Last year, 44 children lost their lives in this manner, while in the past decade the number has averaged 38 per year. That equates to one child every nine days. However, like so many tragic accidents, these deaths could and should be prevented. It is vital that adults take full responsibility for the children in their care.

_Parents in South Carolina should always be cautious about the people in whose care they leave their children. If those people are irresponsible, it could result in your child suffering some serious injuries or worse. If your child comes to harm because of someone else’s negligence, the first thing on your mind is likely to be your child’s recovery. However, you may find an attorney’s help beneficial in seeking compensation to cover medical expenses, the costs of the care your child might require and other expenses coming out of the incident. _

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